Site Safety Brief: Crofton


Welcome to the Crofton Train Maintenance Depot. Bombardier Transportation is proud to be based at this site, delivering safety and reliability excellence to our customers: Grand Central, Cross Country, and First Trans Pennine Express.

Whatever the reason for your visit to the depot we trust that it will be successful and above all will be made in safety. We pride ourselves in our excellent safety performance and we want to make sure that all visitors and contractors are safe and that they personally contribute to the safe working environment.

Please take time to review this safety brief. It will take about 10 minutes to complete. It will provide you with important information about the site, our working practices and what to do in case of emergency. When you arrive at the depot, and before you can carry out any activity, you will receive an escorted tour of the depot, the facilities and the safety equipment in use. You will take a short test so that we can be certain that you understand all the safety requirements at this site.

Each individual must complete the briefing and test.

Please print off your results and bring them with you.

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Returning to take the test? You will need your briefing code.

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